Prince Nuada Petition – Holidays

Prince Nuada Petition – Holidays

Universal + Luke Goss = NUADA!

This is the magical equation that we need to remember! We all ready KNOW that the powers that be are aware of our petition and the demand for Prince Nuada’s return. SO what we need to focus on is letting Universal know that we MUST have this and that they can’t go wrong backing Luke Goss!

Right now Universal is promoting for the upcoming release of Luke’s new movie Death Race 2 (which, btw looks bloody AMAZING!) Show your support!!

PROVE to them Luke ROCKS IT like no other! And in the process… members of The Luke Goss Official Forum have been offered a chance of a lifetime!!

The Luke Goss Forum

An opportunity to win tickets to the Death Race 2 Premiere AND after party in Toronto Canada! Hang out with Luke and schmooze with some fabulous (err…influential) Universal people! More info on that:



Happy Holidays to ALL of Nuada’s wonderful fans and supporters! We could not have come this far without you and you have our most heartfelt thanks for helping to make 2010 such a fabulous year! And BOY what a year it was! Looking back from where we started, we are amazed what has become of this site. The responses we have had have been overwhelming and and have truly given the possibility of a Nuada prequel a chance.

BUT… on the topic of holiday seasons, we all know they can get crazy busy with shopping and baking and family and eating and visiting and… MORE eating!! LOL SO we will be taking a wee break. This will be the last “official” news being posted until January 10, 2011. Just a short two week break so we can enjoy our families :) There will still be a few updates and such and we will be sure to announce them on twitter and facebook. So dont worry… we wont be far away!!

2010 has been GREAT 2011 will be even better!!! We have a lot planned for the new year!

WHO KNOWS NUADA… The Trivia Game

We WILL still be releasing the trivia questions throughout our two week “time off” but all three questions for the week will be released on the Monday and you have the entire week to answer them. Take your time and think about the questions… you will have until the following Monday to answer them. All the answers, updated tallys and Bethmooran coins will STILL be awarded, the only difference is the questions will all be released at once.

So… how did you do THIS week?? Find out:

Who Knows Nuada

**ENTER your answer and “submit” … then ENTER your name and “submit” **


Awww the last postwork image of 2010… and what a DOOZEY!



We have received the translation for the Silverlance trailer in Chinese. We will be working on this over the holidays and it should be up and ready to go for our return on Jan 10th!


• 2457 Confirmed
• 103 waiting to be confirmed

We have several signatures awaiting confirmation. Please check your email and confirm when you can. Note: the confirmations MAY be showing up in the junk folder.


• Anyone interested in picking up an autographed Nuada picture from Ebay?

Nuada Autograph HERE

• The Prince Nuada Fans Deviant Art group has been receiving some lovely new submissions and MANY new members over the last couple of months. If you haven’t been by in a while you might want to check out the new stuff


•A reminder about our new domain names: and both link directly back to here for two more ways to easily spread the word!

• Do you have any more ideas to help spread the word? We are ALWAYS open for suggestions, so “don’t be shy” … send us an email and let us know your thoughts!!

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