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Silverlance Trailer

P rince Nuada and his world hold a fascination with many even though his story was barely touched on. Wanting more, thousands of fan videos, artwork and fictions have been created in tribute. Even now, years after the release of the film, passion for the character, his world and his story is still going strong.

Shortly after the movie’s release a petition was started in hopes of a more in depth story. It started strong but lost momentum over time. We have joined with the original petition and taken it further. Our goal with the site is to give a visual to an idea, to rekindle the interest.

With no prior 3D experience, we dove head first into a BIG undertaking. The trailer was created in its entirety from concept – through learning – to completion in 172 days all with the free version of Blender and DAZ Studio. The video with Audacity and Sony Vegas Home Edition. The result is a unique site fully dedicated to promoting Prince Nuada’s return.

We did out of love and appreciation, not only for the character of Nuada,  but also of Luke Goss and Guillermo del Toro’s work!

Enjoy the trailer, sign the petition, spread the word… let Universal know there IS an audience!

We were surprised, to say the least, when we learned that both Guillermo Del Toro and Luke Goss have personally seen the site and had very positive reactions.

“I love that there’s a petition going on online and a trailer go see it the Prince Nuada. Go to the deltorofilms.com and there’s a whole thread about it and some fans made a really real trailer with Prince Nuada and a whole backstory. It’s a pretty cool thing. Do I think it’s going to happen? I don’t think UNIVERSAL’s going to go and put the necessary money to it, but I WISH they would.”

Guillermo del Toro

Luke Goss as Nuada

“The Nuada site “Silverlance” have to say I obviously don’t have a say in that project, although it has given me an idea of maybe trying to produce it, who knows right!? But if it did get a green light, for sure I would love to show him in battle almost like gladiator but more fantasy. I feel so honored to have people wanting to see him again and create such a beautiful web site just for that reason, so truly thank you!! I’m a lucky guy!”
Luke Goss

~read more from Luke

Don’t EVER think that fans do NOT have a say. Our collective voices can be heard! We have already been heard by some… lets shout a little louder so we may be heard by ALL!!!