Hidden Realm Entertainment

June 24, 2013


Mother Nature can sure kick us in the backsides … and it seems she has been enjoying doing just that lately. So please, with all of the storms, floods, and chaotic weather that seems to be happening lately, we want you all to stay safe! – Special thoughts to Southern Alberta right now. Take care and dry out soon ((hugs))


Oh ohhh can WE have one please? Movie props are just COOL! It’s fascinating to have a peek into how the ‘magic’ is created. And it’s good to see we aren’t the only ones who think so. Check out this post showing some detailed pictures of the ‘egg’ used for the Golden Army!

~ Golden Army Prop


“The original script for the film was much more ambitious — I wanted a series of underwater adventures that led to the Golden Army chamber. At the end of the day, mostly due to budget, the idea changed. But the basics remained: I wanted the “folded” golden soldiers to be stored like eggs. The egg was an important motif in elf/goblin technology in the movie and as a basic shape it was very easy to read and gave a clear view of the number of soldiers within the chamber: Seventy times seventy soldiers.”

~Guillermo del Toro