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Feb. 4, 2013


This month we feature a wonderful artist from the Ukraine – legadema666. One look at her most recent painting of Nuada is enough to show how immensely talented she is… but don’t stop there, her gallery is filled with amazing art! Stop by her page on Deviant Art and let her know whatcha think.

~ Featured Nuada Art


Its been years since I did one of these… and I really wanted to just do something Nuada related that had no pressure… no expectations attached to it…

Its kinda funny… I started making Nuada youtube vids to see more Nuada. In a way… But there was nothing new. So I started 3D Nuada to see something new. And I AM enjoying that immensely! But I so just enjoyed going back to seeing what was. For no other reason than I just wanted to do it.

So I hope you enjoy watching my new Nuada video, and a big thank you for the wonderful Nuada Petition support!! (We’re not done yet!!) xx Gabby

~ We Will Not Fade by GabbyLeithsceal


Its rather funny, at this point with Round 5, just how much Nuada and Hellboy II trivia has now been explored. The fun little “need to know” bits of info that make the movie that much more fun to watch… again and again. Plus we like to try to explode your brains … sorry, we all have our hobbies LOL Let’s see how your brains fare THIS week.

~ Who Knows Nuada Trivia