Robyn 666 does the promotions and the graphic support for HRE.

Robyn’s Luke Art

D ecember  9, 2009 I made a VERY important decision, one that would change my life in so many wonderful and positive ways! I joined The Luke Goss Official Forum. It immediately felt like home and I met some wonderful people whom I can’t imagine NOT being in my life now.  It also had another wonderful and surprising effect on me. Being surrounded by so much amazing creative people inspired  me to start creating my own art again after a 10 year absence from it.  But traditional art was no longer enough for me…I wanted more. I started in

with Photoshop and a few other different programs.  Though truth be told I have a love/hate relationship with technology. I LOVE it…it HATES me!! LOL But I have learned so very much  over the last few months and look forward to much much more!!  I must say I admire the heck out of Gabby for what she has accomplished within 5 months of first installing DAZ. I was able to do some minor contributions with it, but only after pulling out all my hair and using much language that shall not be documented here.

Most of my contributions so far with HRE have been in the planning phases, helping to decide where we wanted to go, how we were going to get there and what we wanted to accomplish…all those little essential details. But the actual creating of the trailer is DEFINITELY out of my league at this point. I make a pretty good cheerleader though… “GO GABBY GO!!”  :P  My biggest contributions are happening in this last stretch before we launch. Running around and getting all the external sites (the shop, facebook, twitter, deviant art) set up and ready and then the massive promotional ATTACK the web will be getting after we launch!

HUGE Thank YOUs to

Gabs and Realms for not only bringing me in on this fabulous journey, but for ALWAYS being amazingly patient and understanding when I didn’t know how to do something…which seemed to happen often :P

Karen Bardel Tillotson for being an amazingly talented and wonderful person who encouraged me to strive for it all!!  I love ya hoser!

Crystal Sifton  …  pretty sure we were separated at birth,  and I don’t know what I would do without her

Luke Goss for being exactly who he is! A wonderful, caring and talented man who gave Prince Nuada a soul and brought me to my new family at The Luke Goss Forum… And now they are stuck with me because I will never leave!! LOL

For ALL of the beautiful creations that inspired me and rekindled my passion for art I want to thank ALL the artists of The Luke Goss Forum. There are too many to list, but you all know who you are!! I cherish each and every one of you beautiful wenches and thank you for your sharing your amazing works of art, literature and poetry…and for inspiring me in my own pursuits. Thank you, thank you THANK you…you have changed my life!!!

And most importantly Chris, for not only being tolerant of my crazy weird obsessive nature, but for loving me for it!!  Though, would it KILL him to let me have my life-sized Nuada mural on the wall…GEESH!!

There are so many other wonderful people that I truly cherish and am thankful to have in my life… I fear I would bore you all to tears if you had to read it so I shall simply say THANK YOU to the family and friends in my life with whom I would NEVER want to be without!!