Rumors -R- Rumbling

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July 8, 2013


Well, well… rumors are rumbling…

Although Guillermo del Toro may be too busy to do Hellboy 3 – There has been a lot of talk in the last two weeks over the idea. It may be in the cards, it may not but that’s ok. Who needs that big red monkey anyways… lol juuuuust kidding!

HOWEVER, here’s the IMPORTANT rumblings part – Could character spinoffs be in our future? We aren’t making this up folks, rumblings are rumblings… and people are talking (Legendary, GDT, & Dark Horse to name a few) which includes working out the character rights from Universal.

Personally we can think of a GREAT character spin off *cough cough NUADA cough*. AND speaking of Nuada – while they are talking of character spin-offs make sure they hear your support of Nuada!!

Prince Nuada Petition - Silverlance


SO what’s in the future for GDT right now?

This weekend you can see his BRILLIANT new movie – his first time back in the director’s chair since Hellboy II – “Pacific Rim” hits theaters July 12th in an epic tale!!! If you think it’s just giant monsters and machines you’re limiting your expectations of the adventure. So get on out there to enjoy the film, support GDT, and show the studios he IS a story-maker worth backing!!

Birthday Week

Hellboy II opened on July 11, 2008, in 3,204 theaters in the United States and Canada. The film ranked first at the box office, grossing an estimated $35.9 million over the weekend, outperforming the opening of its predecessor, which had opened with $23.2 million. The opening was the biggest of Guillermo del Toro’s directing career.(so far)

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