The Human

The Human

Hidden Realm Entertainment

March 4, 2013


While we had mentioned the new version of 3D Nuada would be released as a sneak peek picture today… The “human” required a bit extra time and attention for some promotional luvin … which by the way “Interview With a Hitman” starring Luke Goss is out TOMORROW!

But get ready!!

Later this week we will have a MID WEEK release for the ALL NEW Nuada!



We’ve got some good new brain twisters and mind squishers again for you this week. It won’t be long now before we hit the end of this 5th and final round of Who Knows Nuada Trivia … So bust out those brain cells and rock these last few questions to see if you can prevail in the quest for domination over Who Knows Nuada!

~ Who Knows Nuada Trivia


Don’t ask us who made this, or even what it’s called, for unfortunately we do not know. But when we found this we absolutely loved it. There is a great emotion on Nuada’s face and it had to be shared. If you know who created this lovely artwork please contact us to let us know so we may give proper credit.

~ Featured Nuada Art


This week we veer of the usual beat and track for our YouTube features. This is not solely a Nuada based fanvid, but we enjoyed it and hope you will too!

~ Modern Faerie Tale by 153alira

Oh and btw… MARCH FOURTH – AND BE AWESOME!!! (March 4th, 2013).