The Silverlance Reception

The Silverlance Reception

8/16/2010- What an exciting first week!!

Not only did Silverlance receive a welcoming reception but the support for the prequel just blew us away!

We were honored that Luke Goss (Prince Nuada) himself was able to view the site as well as the Silverlance trailer.

Find what Luke is currently up to and what he had to say about Silverlance: ”The Nuada site “Silverlance” I have to say…” read more here and here.

We were also pleasantly surprised to learn that Guillermo del Toro is personally aware of the Silverlance site and trailer and hope to hear his full reaction soon.

Some quick status updates:

  • We are averaging 100 unique visits per day
  • We have 2120 confirmed petition signatures
  • With 52 more signatures waiting to be confirmed.
  • As a reminder, please don’t forget to check your email for the confirmation. Make sure your signature counts!!!

    We would like to Thank Parker from for his warm welcome and assistance this week, it is greatly appreciated.

    Keeping to our weekly promise, we have also added 3 new images from the making of Silverlance to the Bonus Material gallery entitled: Death, Battleline, and News.

    Quick Facts:

  • None of us had worked in or with any 3D programs until Feb 17, 2010.
  • The Golden Army Chamber in Silverlance has 7 filigree gears rotating at once and it took aprox. 35 minutes to render 1 frame. Rendered at 30 frames per second it took two days for both 3 sec shots.
  • The Goddess Danu was our solution to our narrator problem. She was created in one day and quickly became one of our favorite characters.
  • The 3D programs used are free versions available to everyone. Daz Studio and Blender.
  • Keep spreading the word!! The powers that be ARE watching us now… we have a chance… Silverlance has a chance!!

    Luke Goss on IMDB
    Guillermo del Toro on IMDB
    Mike Mignola on IMDB