Traveling Bethmoora

Traveling Bethmoora

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May 12, 2014

Traveling Bethmoora

All hail Google and the beautiful things it can bring! We recently stumbled on this awesome creation by Saija Sipilä. With inspirations, like Guillermo del Toro, coming from Lord Dunsany’s story of Bethmoora, she created this 3D environment for a university project. Well, how could we not share it here… hope you enjoy.

Saija’s Bethmoora Dev Blog

Bethmoora by Lord Dunsany

No guard goes round Bethmoora’s battlements, no enemy assails them. There are no lights in her houses, no footfall on her streets, she stands there dead and lonely beyond the Hills of Hap, and I would see Bethmoora once again, but dare not.

It is many a year, they tell me, since Bethmoora became desolate.

Her desolation is spoken of in taverns where sailors meet, and certain travellers have told me of it.

Read Dunsany’s Bethmoora here

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