Troll Market Mystery

There was a great commotion echoing throughout the troll market. Creatures from every shop were being awakened to the sounds of yelling. Slowly they joined the growing crowd as everyone gathered around the unusual sight…

It was a normal weekday evening in the troll market, well that is until the ruckus started just after 11:13 pm.

Butcher Guards pushed their way through the increasingly verbal crowd to find the small body of a Boggart who had been brutally murdered!

Shouts of anger surrounded the little body. There were no tracks, no weapon was left at the scene, and no visible traces of what happened…

The Butcher Guards have contacted the Chamberlain to solve this mystery. He is gathering his notebook and getting his things in order. The investigation is about to begin… the game is afoot!

We must track down WHO, HOW and WHERE this murder took place!

Solve The Troll Market Mystery

Winner will be announced Feb 27, 2012.