Very Interesting

Very Interesting

Hidden Realm Entertainment

Jan. 7, 2013


Happy New Year! Thank you once again for all of your wonderful support and encouragement towards HRE and the Nuada Petition. We exist, that is “we” being HRE and the Nuada Petition site, because it is something we love and believe in. But it is the amazing spirit of the fans and such wonderful support that we have received from all around the world that keeps us motivated and going strong. So from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you and wish for you ALL the most joyous and magical 2013!

According to Chinese zodiac 2013 is the year of the snake. With the prediction for this year: The Snake can expect good fortune and look forward to a time to shine. It will be a year to easily overcome recent setbacks or obstacles experienced in 2012.

May good fortune shine upon you and the petition! After 4 years, the love and excitement remain… but should you ever doubt, have faith… we still have some tricks up our sleeves. And we have some big things planned to help with that! So stay tuned for a hopefully very interesting 2013!


If you could ask Luke Goss one thing, what would it be? … ya we thought so too! Check out this recent video clip of Luke talking about Nuada…

~ Luke Goss’s Thoughts on Nuada


Hopefully your brains are well rested from the holidays and you are ready to put them to the test. We resume where we left off in Who Knows Nuada Round 5… 3 questions each week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) with the answers released the following Monday.

Only a few weeks left! Don’t forget to add your name and Good Luck in you quest to prove Who Knows Nuada!

~ Who Knows Nuada Trivia


If you ever wondered if the choice of canvas matters for your artwork, you need look no farther than VentralHound’s “Nuada again”. What exists as a wonderful action sketch of Prince Nuada is made even more interesting by the random and unique background chosen for the drawing. She has a wonderful style with exquisite color and angles created in her work… we encourage, as always, for you to stop by her page on Deviant Art and show some Nuada love!

~ Feature Nuada Art Gallery

~ VentralHound on DA


We have almost 500 <---500 signatures on the petition that need to be confirmed via email. Please check your spam folders for The Prince Nuada Petition and confirm.

Your signature will not count until you do!



~ Ease My Pain by ErewinOfImladris