What’s in the Box?

What’s in the Box?

Hidden Realm Entertainment

March 17, 2014

Boxes and Trolls

We just wanted to give a big fat troll sized THANK YOU to all Nuada’s fans that have been, and continue to support and spread the word about Nuada, the petition to bring him back, and those who refuse to let him fade.

The Nuada Petition has had so much support from the first moment we launched the site. Since then the petition has grown with 4210 signatures, but the even more impressive numbers are the amount of people who come to the site every single day!

To date we have had over 238,941 people stop by The Nuada Petition site to enjoy the various news articles, art works, videos and games that are held within it….

Now if only everyone who had visited the site had actually SIGNED the petition, we could all be holding something like this in our hands right now…


Never fear tho, the wheels are always turning and this box (and what potentially is held within it) are still within grasp – never doubt our stubbornness and determination ;) – We Are Far From and Will Not Fade!

**We have hundreds of signatures just waiting to be confirmed. Please check your email. If you need the conformation request to be resent let us know.