Who Knows Nuada Trivia

How well do YOU know Nuada? Now’s your chance to prove it!!

Who knows Nuada Rounds 1 – 5.

With 5 rounds – 12 weeks a round and three questions per week – there was a lot we learned about our favorite Elf.

If you didn’t get a chance to play, don’t worry all the questions and hidden answers are here!

Have fun!

Round One Q&A

What day is the Crown piece being auctioned on?

Answer: September 26th

When the Chamberlain shows Nuada, Wink and Nuala to the King, how many Butcher Guards go with them?

Answer: One

Does Nuada ever wear jewelry?

Answer: Yes. He wears a ring during the training scene.

While building the Elemental Egg - How many tiny gears are laying on the work stand not inside the device?

Answer: 10

In the book Prof. Broom reads from, what are the two figures next to the tree?

Answer: Man and Beast or Human and Magical Creature

On which wrist does Nuala wear the bracelet that she reveals to the shop keeper in the troll market?

Answer: Her right

What does Nuada say right after throwing the tentacled root on to the auctioneer?

Answer: Be quiet.

What is the scientific name of the tooth fairies?

Answer: Carcharodon Calcarea

How many total fingers does Mr. Wink have?

Answer: 7 Total. 3 on his right and 4 on his mechanical.

How many times does Nuada wear gloves?

Answer: Twice - the Auction house and The Golden Army Chamber

Which of these characters refer to Hellboy by his real name? Liz and Abe The Angel of Death and Liz Nuala and Liz Nuala and The Angel of Death

Answer: Nuala and The Angel of Death

What is the color of the lining in the auction box holding the crown piece?

Answer: Blue

How many LOCKING parts slide together when the first two pieces of the crown are joined (front and back)?

Answer: 18

Who is Mr Wink named after?

Answer: Selma Blair's one-eyed dog

What is the number in the room they resurrect the tooth faerie in?

Answer: 12

What is Nuada holding in his hands when he tells Wink about the auction house plan?

Answer: When Nuada is talking to Wink about the auction house plan, when you are able to see BOTH his HANDS - he is holding his spear in one hand and his armor and his sash in the other hand.

What is the first real hint of the mystical connection between Nuada and Nuala?

Answer: Matching Nose Bleeds

How many main branches (connected to the base and including the middle bump) are there on Balors crown?

Answer: 11. There are two shorter ones in back.

At the east side rail yard… what is the advertisement for?

Answer: Three Points Shopping Mall coming next summer.

In the Troll Market - Krauss shows two poloroids. What are they of?

Answer: A dead tooth fairy and the royal seal on a toothfairy box.

The Angel of Death has how many eyes?

Answer: 12. Six on each wing.

At auction what was the starting bid of the crown piece?

Answer: $7,000,000. Starting Bids are listed on the side screen.

Which hand does Nuada catch the final crown piece in?

Answer: His right

How many dead guards are there at Nuadas feet out side the BPRD?

Answer: 4

Dr Krauss has a series of numbers and letters on his chest what are they?

Answer: 2829NMK

What does Wink use to break the doors at Blackwoods?

Answer: 2 human guards

What are Abe and HB drinking in the library… and what brand?

Answer: Tecate Beer

What color shirt is Nuada wearing UNDER the Ivory outfit in the Golden Chamber?

Answer: Black

What is the name of the geographical location of the Night Lands?

Answer: County Antrim, The Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland

How many/which characters does Brian Steele play?

Answer: 4 (1)Wink (2)Cathedral Head (3)Fragglewump a.k.a. Lucy (4) Spice Shop Troll a.k.a Cronie Creatureboy HBII Info Link

Whats my line: Abraham, many people have died for this crown, and he will too. If _____

Answer: you want to save him and see her again, you will find the missing piece and bring it to me.

In 1878, 4 Crystal Diopters were built, to penetrate the cloaking aura of glamour. Who designed them?

Answer: Emil Schufftein

When Prince Nuada activates the Golden Army, what else is triggered?

Answer: The giant cogwheels in the Army Chamber.

What is the biggest creature from Bethmoora?

Answer: The Elemental (Forest God)

How many total fingers does Puppet Balor Have?

Answer: 9. Five on his right hand, and Four on his left hand

How many wheels does the legless goblins cart have?

Answer: 3

Round Two Q&A

What are the letters on the manhole cover outside Blackwoods?


What is the TOTAL number of Golden Army Soldiers?

Answer: 4900.

Do Boggarts wear hats?

Answer: Yes. They have been spotted wearing red fez hats.

In the Troll Market map shop what is on the paper lamp shades?

Answer: A Map

Silverlance Trailer: We created two NEW female characters for Nuadas world. One has a name - what is it?

Answer: Danu

What is lining the entryway in the room with the angel of death?

Answer: Glass Jars

In the golden army chamber which of Nuadas arms does HB cut?

Answer: His Right

How many guests were reported to be at the auction?

Answer: Over 70 Guests

When Nuala walks down the stairs in the troll market how many boggarts are on those stairs?

Answer: One

Who offers to build King Balor the mechanical army?

Answer: The Master of the Goblin Smiths

Silverlance Trailer: How many days did it take us to create the trailer?

Answer: 172 days

In the Troll Market - There are two fairies having a tug of war. What are they using as the rope?

Answer: A Noodle

What are Fragglewomps afraid of?

Answer: Canaries

Do the Butcher Guards wear the royal seal of Bethmoora?

Answer: No

When Abe puts on the crystal diopters to look at the complex combination lock other than gears what is the first thing he sees?

Answer: Troll Language (Symbols)

Name one the two songs used within the Silverlance trailer?

Answer: Spirit of Light and/or Once Upon a Time

Finsh my line (word for word) Nuada: Demon born from…

Answer: ...a womb of shadows sent to destroy their world and you still beleive you belong?

Shortly before the release of HBII there was an online organization made for a HBII marketing campaign. The organization was called HETFET. What did HETFET stand for?

Answer: Humans for the Ethical Treatment of Fairies Elves and Trolls

How many legs do tooth faeries have?

Answer: 4

Which way does the Royal Seal of Bethmoora rotate on the tooth faerie box?

Answer: Counterclockwise

How many Royal Seals of Bethmoora are on the wall that the map to the Golden Army is hidden behind?

Answer: 17

In HBII where is the BPRD located?

Answer: Trenton, New Jersey

What do the flower like creatures eat?

Answer: Faeries

How many books are in the wooden BPRD box at the auction house?

Answer: 6

What is Croney doing when Johann questions him about the toothfairies?

Answer:Shaving a creature

In Balors court - how many elves have face scars?

Answer: 3 - only the royal family

A large aggressive shark widespread in warm seas; known to attack humans is linked to what creature in Bethmoora? And how are they linked??

Answer: A great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) and toothfaires (Carcharodon calcarea) are linked by the latin scientific name: Carcharodon meaning roughly- jagged-toothed one

How many creatures does Doug Jones play in HBII?

Answer: Three: Abe Sapien, the Chamberlain and the Angel of Death

When the crown was divided and the truce made, who (specifically) held possession of each piece (left, center, right)

We thought this easy BUT even we could not agree on the perspective SO THE ANSWER: Looking AT the FRONT of crown(viewers perspective): the Right piece humans - the Center piece Fae (Nuala) - the Left piece Fae (King Balor) Looking from the BACK of the crown (Nuada's perspective): the Left piece humans - the Center piece Fae (Nuala) - the Right piece Fae (King Balor)

How long did it take Luke to remove Nuadas make up?

Answer: About 45 minutes

In the Troll Market - a creature is carrying a radiator/heater. What is the creature he passes carrying?

Answer: Giant Dentures
Carowen, Rhiakaran, VampireBait, L'amouruse

What is the of the BPRD garbage truck?

Answer: Squeaky Clean Up
Carowen, Rhiakaran, VampireBait, L'amouruse, Trinity760

An underlying reality from which everything emerges and ultimately returns, is an ideology applied to the troll market as a joke. The referance for this is clearly carved in the ____.

Answer: Above the entrance to the troll market he word Unus Mundus is carved above. Latin for One world, it is a term which refers to the concept of an underlying unified reality from which everything emerges and returns to. It was popularized by Carl Jung, though the term was used as early as the sixteenth century. GDT thought it a joke to use as the motto for the Troll Market.
Rhiakaran, Trinity760, L'amouruse, Phontom Lolita, Carowen

How tall is Mr Wink?

Answer: In the range of 7.5 feet to 8 feet
Carowen, Rhiakaran, Krystle, L'amoureuse, Seph7, VampireBait, Trinity760

In what scene was it necessary for them to replicate a part of Nuada's body on a large scale?

Answer: The release of the Elemental Egg. They recreated Nuada's hand on a large scale.

Carowen, Rhiakaran, L'amoureuse, Seph7, Trinity760

Some fun for fan girls - HRE asked Luke Goss directly: What kind of underwear did Nuada wear? (Boxers - Briefs - Loin Cloth - None at all

Let me start with I was nervous as all get out - Robs MADE me ask - and to the best of my memory this was Luke's answer:
(he laughed) then said something to the effect of: So this is in the name of culture and history... That was like 400 years ago they weren't making undies. (more laughing) Nuada, without a doubt... he and I have so much in common when it comes to that. (more laughing) There was a brief comment about the impracticality of loin cloths and the convo may have gone south from there at which point my mind checked out. So if you know Luke you know the answer is: None at all
Carowen, Rhiakaran, Krystle, Seph7, VampireBait, Trinity760, Leah, Jolynn, Aowynn, Mezzelsha, BethmooraRaven, 3 UnNamed

Round Three Q&A

What name is inscribed on the metal plaque inside the box holding the crown piece at the aution house?


What protective padding was used within the box containing the crystal diopiter glasses?

Answer: Wood Shavings

Where did the tooth faeries originate?

Answer: The Black Forest in the 3rd century

While searching for the Troll Market the first suspect located was at what map vector?

Answer: B-12

How many total fingers do Boggarts have?

Answer: 15 (5 on each hand - 3 hands)

What 4.3 inch item discovered in 1908 was reproduced on a larger scale for the movie?

Answer: Venus of Willendorf: The fertility goddess statue in the auction house

The city where the golden army is stored was inspired by a short story. Who was the author?

Answer: Bethmoora by Lord Dunsey

What is the title of the book Nuala is reading in the library as Abe walks in?

Answer: The Poetical Works of Alfred Tennyson (The poem title was: In Memoriam)

Was the Golden Army right handed or left?

Answer: Right. The Golden Army salutes Balor right handed. Their swords are their MAIN weapon and one would carry their main weapon in their dominant hand.

Within HBII, there is a report that one of GDT's previous films was to be submitted to the national film archive. What movie?

Answer: Blade II. The "news" scrolls across a news ticker.

What was the Goblin Smiths name?

Answer: The name of the goblin blacksmiths clan is the Sigri. The Master of the Goblin Black Smith's name is actually never mentioned.

What is special about Mr. Wink in the scene where he throws Abe out the window of the map shop?

Answer: He was CGI

How many tentacles does the tentacle root have?

Answer: 6

What's my line: Now. Now for the _____________. __________! ________________? _____________! Find her!

Answer: Now. Now for the final piece my sister. Where is she, Wink! Where is she? Go find her, now! Find her!

What language do the Elves speak?

Answer: Ancient Gaelic

In the script Nuala speaks of her and Nuada's childhood home... what was its name?

Answer: Renvyle

According to the script what did Nuada play with as a child?

Answer: Toy Soldiers

In the movie, the entrance to Bethmoora is located at The Giants Causeway. In reality they were 10 miles away near what temple?

Answer: Mussenden Temple

How much (approximately) did The Angel of Deaths wings weigh?

Answer: 40 pounds

In the movie Nuada said: I will call upon the help of all of my people. In one version of the trailer it was different. What did he say?

Answer: I will call upon the help of all the children of the earth
Altered Trailer | Original Trailer

There are several views showing a worn movie marquee advertising a film. What letters are missing on that movie theater marquee?

Answer: WED E

How What time was it when Nuada met with the Chamberlian?

Answer: Midnight

What number is repeated throughout the film?

Answer: 7 (70x70, 777, $7,000,000)

Which foot does Nuada pivot on to strike his father?

Answer: His Left

How many non cgi gears are in the golden army chamber?

Answer: 9

When Nuada bows to his father, which knee is on the ground?

Answer: His Right

Where does Nuada get the second sword from while fighting the Butcher guards?

Answer: off the back of a butcher guard he stabbed

Nuada Silverlance is loosely based on what Celtic Mythological figure?

Answer: Nuada Airgetlám, King of the Tuatha Dé Danann

Name one of the two main Make-Up artists for Nuada?

Answer: Bart Mixon & Orso Balla

Even though Nuada's makeup varied slightly. What were the 3 main Skin Illustrator Brand colors used consistently on his prosthetic?

Answer: White, Rice Paper and Midnight Brown

How much did Wink's head weigh?

Answer: 20 pounds

Who can you commission from the Troll market to hunt rare exotic animals?

Answer: Creature Catchers

We can all thank Universal Studios for bringing us HBII, but who which studio was ORIGINALLY supposed to produce it?

Answer: Revolution Studios

How many braids can you find in Nuada's hair?

Answer: After extensive looking Gabs found 3 ...but this was just for fun so everyone who answered gets the point...yay bonus points!

Round Four Q&A

How many different boots did Nuada wear?

Answer: Two. One Black Pair and One Brown Pair

How many times does Hellboy get an Elven BOOT in the face?

Answer: One

The fabric dye technique used in Nuala’s outfits is called?

Answer: Ombre

What patch is on the front of the security guards jackets at Blackwoods?


What item is lot #336?

Answer: The Schufftein glasses

They look like Nuada, they move like Nuada… but they are men. It takes three of them to make one Nuada. Other than Luke Goss name one of the three men we saw as Nuada on screen.

Answer: Damien Walters (Nuada tumbling double), and Xia Bin (Nuada stunt double)

How many eyes does the tentacle root have?

Answer: Just one

When Nuada incapacitates the first man at the auction house, how many chairs are at the table Nuada is standing by?

Answer: Two

The wall carving of the father tree in Nuada's training room has many creatures depicted on it… but what is carved in the center?

Answer: A carving of the Crown that controls the Golden Army

Hungry Fragglewumps eat cats... what do hungry CATS eat?

Answer: Canned Iams cat food! - Seen when Liz's toothbrush was in an opened can.

When challenged - what hand does Nuada throw his gloves with?

Answer: His Left

Man had been created with a hole in his heart... a hole that no _______, ______, or ________ could fill.

Answer: Possession, Power, or Knowledge

What color is Nuada's blanket?

Answer: Golden

What well know drawing from 1487 was referced within the HBII?

Answer: Vitruvian Man by Leonardo Da Vinci

How many glass lamps are in Nuada's bed chamber?

Answer: Four

What did GDT base the Elves of HBII on?

Answer: History of Royalty who were haemophiliacs

Where does Nuada say: You're bleeding. Most unfortunate.

Answer: In the book & script

Who can command the Golden Army?

Answer: those of royal blood who wore the crown and were unchallenged

What color is the lining of Nuada's bone jacket?

Answer: Red

How many 3 petaled flowers are on Nuada's second bracers?

Answer: Six

How tall is the chamberlain?

Answer: 8 Feet

Which Troll Market Character carries a boggart around on his shoulder?

Answer: Organ Grinder

Who played the fish monger?

Answer: Brian Herring

Once upon a time, King Balor was Hellboys father. How?

Answer: Roy Dotrice (King Balor) played the role of Vincent's father, the character played by Ron Perlman (Hellboy) in the tv series Beauty and the Beast

Who lent their voice (uncredited) to the sound effects of various creature vocals?

Answer: Guillermo del Toro

Hellboy 2 was shipped to some movie theatres under a rather strange alias, what was it?

Answer: Burnt Toast

The female reporter outside the auction house is related to who?

Answer: Ron Perlman

What studio was HB2 filmed in?

Answer: Korda Studios in Budapest, Hungary

Which was NOT a troll market creature? Key Vendor-Strider-Masked Nuns-Glowing Creature Vendor-Organ Grinder-Mummy-Limb Vendor-Berserker

Answer: Berserker

There were at least 4 different studios involved in the creation of creatures for the troll market... name 2.

Answer: Spectral Motion, Creature Effects, Solution Studios, Filmfex Studio, Euroart Studios

On each Golden Army soldier - the Royal Seal of Bethmoora is displayed. How many seals does a single soldier have?

Answer: 4

How was the visual of Nuadas death achieved?

Answer: All - with or with out denial (Plaster sculpture, Animatronics and Digital were used to create the effect.

Whats this line? S_ _ _ _ _ / _ t _ _ _ / _ _ d / i _ _ e _ _ _ _ _ _ _ b _ _

Answer: Silent, still and indestructible

How many times does Nuada touch blood?

Answer: Five 1-Touches his nosebleed, 2-Wipes his bloodied nose. 3- Clears the blood from his spear "Good dog" 4- Touches his arm when its cut 5 - His chest wound

How tall is Nuada?

Answer: 6' 1"

Will we see Nuada return to the big screen?

Answer: Yes, Absolutely, I have no doubt

Round Five Q&A

How many times do we see the crown being hit while it was forged?

Answer: Three times. During the puppet intro we see a goblin hitting the crown piece.

What is on the sewer grate in the subway tunnel?

Answer: The Royal Seal of Bethmoora.

What is in the center of both pairs of Nuada’s boots? (and NO we don’t mean his feet)

Answer: A design of three circle, starting with the largest depicting the Royal Seal of Bethmoora, moving to a slightly smaller circle with a pattern of squares and circles within, to a smaller circle filled with more circles. Finally under the circles is a diamond shape with a criss-cross pattern and three arrow shapes leading up to the diamond.

The Troll Market is located under the Brooklyn Bridge, but what side is it on?

Answer: The East End.

What is wrong with the goblin puppet?

Answer: He has an injured or lame leg.

What website does Manning hate?

Answer: Youtube.

What does Lucy keep her snacks in?

Answer:Bird Cages.

At the Auction what does the side of the police car say?

Answer: Courtesy Professionalism Respect.

How many bodies does Mr Winks hand jump over to return to him?

Answer: One.

Does the balcony door Nuada used as a diversion at Blackwoods have a lock?

Answer: No.

What covers the floor when Nuada meets the Chamberlain?

Answer: Leaves

How many trolls locked away the golden army?

Answer: 10

What image is carved into the human puppet's shields?

Answer: There is nothing on the human puppet shields.

What color is the Tentacle Roots eye?

Answer: Blue. A shade of blue.

Who designed the containment suit for Dr. Krauss?

Answer: Professor Broom

On the last page of the book Prof Broom reads, right before he closes it, shows many blue circles. How many contain Golden Army figures?

Answer: Two

What day of the week do weird blue drooly monsters apparently go crazy?

Answer: Friday

When Wink enters Nuada's training room there is something in the fog behind him. What is it?

Answer: A box

How many 'ribs' are on Nuada’s puppet armor?

Answer: 8

How many shots are on the 'Manning Target practice'?

Answer: 4

Where are you most likely to get an autographed picture from Hellboy?

Answer: The Park

How do you kill a Forest God?

Answer: You shoot it in the energy ganglion (the head)

What is Hellboy’s only rule?

Answer: Don't touch my stuff

How many nooks are in the wall leading down the stairwell to Nuada's subway room?

Answer: 3

What inconsistency exists within the movie in regards to elf blood?

Answer: The color of elf blood seems to change. First showing as deep red, later a deep gold color.

Does King Balors silver hand turn to stone when he dies?

Answer: Yes

What color are the stanchion ropes at the auction house?

Answer: Blue

On what side does Nuada wear his dagger?

Answer: His left side.

Does Nuada have his Spear with him at the auction?

Answer: No. Only a sword.

In Nuada's subway room, what is in the center of the ornately carved tree roots?

Answer: The crown that controls the golden army.

What is on the back of the Chamberlains hands?

Answer:A swirl pattern. Like Nuada's temple.

Is King Balor's silver hand functional?

Answer: No. Although the fingers are articulated, Balor can not move the hand/fingers as a functional hand.

What is written on the outside of the box that contains the book of Aiglin?

Answer: In absentia luci, tenebrae vincinet (in the absence of light, darkness prevails)