Year of the Elf

Year of the Elf

Hidden Realm Entertainment

Jan 6, 2014

Happy New Year

Now for some crazy reason, some people think that 2014 is the Year of the Horse … silly humans ;) WE know better … Let’s make 2014 the Year of the Elf! YEAH! Tho whatever type of year you choose to call it, here’s sending loving wishes of awesome shiny wonders– Fill 2014 with magic!! Cheers to you all ((Big One eyed Troll Hugs)) <-- cuz we all know those are the best kind!


Now what could possibly say Happy New Year better than a grumpy chibi Nuada with a cute little Mr Wink stuffy!? We just adore this picture from Russian artist sonerilA. She captured such an adorable expression on cute wittle Nuada’s face (oh don’t tell him we just said that) … Good thing he has his trusty snuggle troll with him for comfort ;) Make sure to check out sonerilA’s Deviant Art page and share some love.

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