Year’s End


Hidden Realm Entertainment

Dec 17, 2013


Last week we linked to some cool books related to Nuada and the people who helped create him – And while there are many many more Nuada related books, we thought THIS week we would give a wee shout out to our own funny little story. Perhaps you have read it all ready, perhaps not – either way it’s a cute little bitty that will hopefully make you smile … Beyond Bethmoora volumes 1 & 2 … will there be a 3rd? Well… one never can tell ;)

Beyond Bethmoora V.1

Beyond Bethmoora V.2


As 2013 comes to a close we want to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for stopping in and supporting the Prince Nuada Petition. It’s been an amazing year and we have some exciting things coming which we are eager to wrap up, and can’t wait to share. But CHEERS to you all – here’s wishing you all a very special holiday season FILLED with magic! We will be taking this time ourselves, to be spending our days with family and friends… but will be back full force in the New Year! Until then… eat, drink and be merry – catch ya in 2014!!

Last 2013 Nuada

For those who fear the dark, and perhaps even the holidays – let this remind you that you can find beauty in the strangest of places, if you allow yourself to see the magic – Peace and Joy be with you all through this holiday season and ALL through the year!

Cheers and Hugs from Hidden Realm Entertainment

Gabby & Robyn

**We may pop on with some Nuada-ness, but we won’t be doing news until the new year**